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Browse through our various residential carpeting options that has been designed with your home in mind. With their softness; robustness; stainproof technology and various forms of styling that will help you escape from everyday life.

***Suppliers to browse – Belgotex;

Create an environment that’s as progressive as your business with our various selections of commercial carpeting to choose from. Incorporated with a vivacious blend of practicality and style, they are durable; adaptable and cost-effective to install and maintain – making them an ideal choice for any business.

***Suppliers to browse – Belgotex;

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Vinyl Flooring

An innovative and practical flooring solution which contributes towards the achievement of a fashionable setting, especially for kitchens; bathrooms and living rooms. Since cushion vinyl is scratch-resistant and slip-proof, it’s the perfect floorcovering solution for the elders as well as young families with children.

***Suppliers to browse – Belgotex; Floorworx

Whether it be the raw beauty of nature or the sleek and modern style that you wish to infuse without the noise; durability; cost or cleaning concerns of real wood, rest be assured that you will find the precise Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) product to accommodate your desired atmosphere.

***Suppliers to browse – Belgotex; Como; deZign Floor; Floorworx; Finfloor; Lalegno; Likewise; Polyflor; Traviata; Twigg; Wanabi Wood.

We care towards providing flooring which inspires health and well-being; protects sensitive equipment from static damage; encourages growth and learning and that turns retail stores into customer experiences. Have a browse at our specialized vinyl flooring which withholds the special requirements that are essential for the health; education and retail industries.

***Suppliers to browse – Belgotex; Polyflor; Floorworx.

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Laminate Flooring

Known as the industries’ current market trendsetter and inspired by various elements from nature to cities. Have a browse through the extensive ranges of laminate flooring available for your selection. You can be assured to find the right product to compliment your desired interior setting.

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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid strandwoven flooring which adds elegance and sophistication to your home or office. Made from natural bamboo, each board plank is never precisely the same in colour or design which makes each board unique and thereby presents the look and feel of natural wood.

***Suppliers to browse – Alco Exotic; Lifestyle

Solid oak exudes a sense of strength; style and beauty. Those looking to match the style and elegance of an oak tree with the same wood in their flooring can choose from a wide variety of products - offering a broad range of styles; shades; finishes and plank widths.

***Suppliers to browse – BKB Parquet; FINOak; Lalegno; Oggie; Par-ky

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Epoxy Flooring

A unique flooring system which is proving pleasantly popular by the day. It is the perfect option to consider should you fancy a floor design with a raw concrete look. With increased stain and slip resistance properties, turn your floor into a piece of art with distinctive patterns; swirls; and colours.

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Artificial Grass

Browse through the various ranges of artificial grass that we have to offer. Whether it need be to provide your garden with a continuous look of vigorous, green grass without any extra maintenance costs, or if you enjoy the game of golf and would like to coddle those extra putting practices in the comfort of your backyard.

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Underfloor Heating

To accommodate for those cold winter days, have a glance at the radiant underfloor heating systems which we have to offer. These systems evenly distributes warmth throughout the floor and up into the room, leaving no uncomfortable cold spots. This efficient style of heating warms the room up faster and more effectively. The heat is directed where it is most pleasing - the feet - leaving the air we breathe slightly cooler.

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Blinds & Shutters

Browse through our broad selection of various blinds options to promote increased privacy to your window openings. Available in various designs and styles, we have solutions for both residential and commercial applications including anti-glare; sun; heat and UV protection as well as colour optimisation in a vast variety of colours.

***Suppliers to browse – Coulisse; Focus; Luminos; The Blinds Factory

With their incessant increase in admiration, shutters are knowingly becoming more popular by the day. They are mainly presented as either aluminium security shutters – to provide an increased security benefit; aluminium infused PVC shutters – to deliver a cost-effectively sleek and modern design or solid wood shutters – to elegantly compliment the traditional forms of interior design.

***Suppliers to browse – Ambient; Luminos; The Blinds Factory

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